WES Traditions

During a typical school year, the Worthington Estates community has many traditions that students, staff and families look forward to.  A few of the favorites are listed below:


Ice Cream Social

Held a few days prior to the first day of school, Ice Cream Social gives students and families a chance to find their classroom, meet their teacher and drop off school supplies.  Head on out to the Intermediate Playground (Whitney Street side) for a plate of pizza, ice cream bar and the opportunity to connect with other WES families.



This is the ONE big fundraiser for the WES Community.  Typically held in the fall on a Friday, students spend their related arts period walking or running laps in the school yard.  In the weeks leading up to this date, families and local businesses are asked to pledge money to support their student.  All monies raised go to the PTA and are used to fund all PTA events and initiatives for the rest of the school year.



Students create their own visual, musical or performance art on a theme presented by the National PTA.  We love the creativity that comes from our students!!


Pancake Breakfast/Book Fair

One Saturday in the fall WES Families are invited to school to eat pancakes, shop at the book fair and enjoy a good time.


Penguin Shoppe

In December all WES students have a school day opportunity to purchase small gifts for family and friends (or themselves!). 


Science Fair

In early February, WES students can explore a scientific topic or question and present their findings to guest judges, teachers and other students.


WES Fest

One Friday evening, WES is transformed into an International Carnival with free games, crafts and the ever popular Cake Walk.  Fun for the entire family!


Spring Cook-Out

Held one Friday evening in May, families have one last opportunity to come together and enjoy inflatables, the playground and a cook out.  


Fantastic Fun Day

The last day of the school year is the most fun!  Stations are set up all around the inside and outside of school and students rotate through with their classes.  We need all hands on deck to make this favorite event happen!