Helping Hands Committee

Helping a teacher helps a student.  Helping a student helps a family.  Let’s all help each other! Email to get involved!


The Helping Hands Committee is being established with the goal of providing an easy and equitable system to assist teachers with classroom and organizational tasks that can be done from your home.  


Help may be needed with cutting, sorting, stapling and organizing.   Volunteers will sign up to be on the Helping Hands Committee and the WES staff will contact the committee when specific help is needed.  


For example, if a teacher needs help with cutting out laminated papers, they would submit their specific request and indicate the estimated time needed to complete the task (less than 30 minutes or 30-60 minutes).  You will sign up to take on that specific job and will either then pick up needed supplies from WES or complete the project online if applicable.  


There also will be a volunteer day in late August.  Parents will be able to sign up for a shift to help with teacher organizational tasks at WES in a socially distant manner.  More information about the date and safety protocols will be coming.