DEI Committee Purpose:

To strengthen our community of diverse students, teachers and parents to create a more culturally responsive school environment where all WES students and family feel accepted and valued. We commit to learning and taking action as a community by providing diverse resources and experiences to our students. 

As a first action, WES educators Tori McCloud and Kate Lewis created Ally shirts to sell and raise funds for the DEI Committee.  We sold 258 Ally t-shirts and raised $1389!! So amazing!! Thank you so much!! We cannot wait to start making our school environment more culturally responsive and expose our students to more diverse experiences, materials, special guests, and other resources.

Thank you also to WES 5th grade teacher Kari Perman who scored a HUGE amount of diverse texts for our school library through the non-profit org Harper’s Corner.  We are off to a great start!

If you didn’t get a chance to grab an Ally T-shirt but you’d still like one, no worries! They were designed to be a series and this past series represented the Black Lives Matter movement. We’ll open up the store again in late Fall, likely with more color choices and adding representation for another disenfranchised group that we can show support for! BLM Ally shirts will still be available at that time as well.