We are required by our bylaws to complete an audit at the conclusion of each school year around July 1. Minimal time commitment to audit the PTA books once a year, in May/ June.

Book Fair

Held in the WES library and allows the students to purchase books of their choosing. Proceeds go to the PTA by the way of Scholastic dollars which are used by the teachers and staff to purchase books for the school. A small book fair is held in conjunction with the Pancake Breakfast in the Fall. The large book fair is open for one week in the Spring from 8am until 4 or 6:00pm and is usually coordinated with Pasta Dinner or another school event.

Volunteers needed:

  • People to work the checkout table
  • Setup
  • Clean up
  • Help when classrooms preview books (mainly younger grades)


Coordinates collection of Boxtops with teachers twice during the School Year. Duties include collecting, cutting and counting Boxtops for submission. PTA receives a check twice a year for Boxtops proceeds.

Buddy Breakfast

Children get to bring in a parent or other “buddy” to school for a pancake breakfast served by an entertaining cook who will flip a pancake in the air for you to catch! Fun for all! Buddy Breakfast is held early to mid November.

Volunteers needed:

  • Setup
  • Serve Food
  • Cleanup


Includes review of bylaws and submission for approval to Ohio PTA. This review only needs to be done once every three years. Minimal time commitment to review and update our PTA bylaws in the Fall of 2017.

CLC Rep (Curriculum Liaison Council)

Attend monthly meetings with representatives from all buildings in our District and our Administrators. Provide representative input on issues/ topics discussed at CLC meetings which impact all Worthington Students and communicate information discussed back to WES.


The Carnival has been previously held in February. The Carnival has had games that are now run by Cub Scout 365, but PTA is responsible for organizing a Teacher Raffle, Bingo, Cake Walk and Pizza dinner sale.

Volunteers needed:

  • Set up
  • Raffle Ticket Sales
  • Pizza Dinner Sales
  • Cake Walk
  • Bingo
  • Clean Up


Communications is such an important part of what we as PTA do, to communicate what’s happening at our school with everyone! We need someone or several people to help us do that by sending emails thru My School Anywhere, posting to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Could also include posting updates to our website (wordpress).

Cultural Arts


This will now be done in the My School Anywhere program/ App and is also available for print upon request.
Fantastic Fun Day

Coordinate volunteers, donation of supplies, and activities for Fantastic Fun Day. Partner with Wellness teacher in the planning and coordination of this event. On Fantastic Fun Day various fun activities are set up all around the school grounds. Each class spends some time at an activity then moves on the the next one. Most activities are outside, but some may be inside. Fantastic Fun Day is looked forward to all year long! It is usually held on the last day of school.

Volunteers needed:

  • Early morning setup
  • Two volunteers for each activity (many)
  • Clean up
  • People to bring in coolers/water/popsicles/hoses/ food for volunteers


Our main Fundraiser each year is the Walk-a-thon, however we have provided passive ways to raise funds in the past. The Walk-a-thon and Book Fair have their own Committee Chairs. Committee members would be responsible for setting up food fundraisers with local restaurants. Contact info will be provided. Past fundraisers have included: Chipotle, Rusty Bucket, Cookie Dough Creamery, Raising Canes, Piada and Smokin’ T’s Meat Fundraisers. We are open to new ideas as well!


The School Grounds committee works to make the school look beautiful! The district mows the grass, but the Grounds committee does everything else. This could be maintaining or making new flower beds to planting trees.

Volunteers needed:

  • People who like to play in the dirt! No plant knowledge necessary.

Holiday Shoppe

An opportunity for children to shop for their families in December. This occurs during the school day.

Volunteers needed:

  • Assist young shoppers
  • Help with check out and payment

Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Social is the gathering of WES staff, students, parents and siblings for fun and, of course, ice cream! The PTA buys the ice cream and scoops it out for all to enjoy! There is no charge for the ice cream, it is FREE!
It usually occurs on Monday the week school starts, from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

In conjunction with the Ice Cream Social, is the 6th Grade Camp Pizza Fundraiser.

Volunteers needed:

  • People to scoop ice cream
  • Person in overseeing toppings
  • Set-up and Clean up

Magazine Sales


Coordinate Membership collection forms and dues and work with PTA Officers to compile information and dues.


Past Presidents serve as the Nominating Committee for identifying potential future officers for the WES PTA.  Nominating Committee meets in February/ March, new officers are elected in the April meeting each year.  All officer positions are a two year term with Vice President moving into the President role in their second year.

Project MORE

The Project More rep works with the staff Project More coordinators (currently Jason Jarvis and Danielle Brown) to help plan get togethers with the mentors at the beginning of the school year, coordinate trainings of the mentors throughout the school year, create small appreciation gifts for the mentors throughout the year, and plan an end-of-the year celebration for the mentors and students.

PTA Council Rep

Want an easy way to “be in the know” about the district and other WSD schools while helping your child’s PTA/PTSA/PTO? Then Join the PTA Council as your school’s representative! By attending 4-8 meetings during the school year (most likely Thursdays beginning at 7pm), you’ll interact with other PTAC representatives from the district’s preschool, elementary, middle & high schools. You’ll share your school’s news and learn valuable information to relay back to your school. Feel free to contact your school’s past PTAC representative or PTAC president Margie Toy Ma at with questions.

Publishing House

The PTA invites each classroom to publish a book during the school year. This is where the students bring a piece of work that they have completed and we put it in a wallpaper covered cardboard binding. Publishing is usually done in the cafeteria or classroom and takes around 30 minutes per classroom.

Volunteers needed to:

  • Premake wallpaper covered cardboard
  • Help students glue construction paper to the inside front and back covers of their book
  • Tape the students books into the covers
  • Supervise stamping the front inside cover of the book with the “WES Press” stamp
  • Remind kids to choose a new pencil so they can begin writing another story


Reflections is about “exploring and becoming more involved in the arts”. Each year, the National PTA has a theme they hope will inspire participants. Children K-12 are asked to “reflect on the theme and create original works of art in the categories of dance choreography, film production, music composition, literature, photography and/or visual arts.”

As PTA chairs, we present the theme to the students, in early September. We have gone to the classrooms with samples of previous years artwork to give examples. We encourage children to think about what the theme means to them, then express it artistically. There is no right or wrong way for them to express themselves, it is up to their imagination and creativity! (there are certain guidelines for each category that have to be maintained)

All artwork is submitted to independent judges to determine the top 3 art pieces in each category and of each level. There are 4 levels-primary, intermediate, middle school and high school (3 at WES) in which all artwork is divided, keeping similar aged children together. The top 3 artists of each level of each category, will advance to District level competition. If selected at that level, they would advance to State level competition, and then possibly National level competition. Cash awards are given to winners of the National PTA level competition, as well as other recognitions.

WES PTA has an award ceremony and “Gallery of Artists” (usually early November) to celebrate and show off everyone’s fabulous works of art!

Reflections is a great artistic outlet for individual vision and expression!

School Supply Sale

We contract with a company to provide School Supply Kits to families as a convenience.

Science Fair

Science Fair is a non-competitive event open to everyone in grades K-6. Children make a project and present it to a judge. The judge listens to the presentation, asks questions, and fills out a response form. In the evening there is an awards ceremony where all the participants are recognized. Students who participate for 6 or 7 years receive special recognition and a trophy! There are also science related demonstrations performed by the Thomas Worthington Chemistry Club. Science Fair is held mid to late February.

Volunteers needed:

  • Table setup in the gym
  • Table and chair setup in the cafeteria
  • Judges
  • Dessert servers
  • Clean up

Sixth Grade Celebration

End of the year celebration for 6th graders including lunch for 6th graders and their parents at the school during the school day.

Volunteers needed:

  • Make the paper program
  • Certificates
  • Slide Show

Skate Zone

This is a fundraiser for WES PTA and a fun night skating for all! Held twice a year, once in November and again in March. Committee Chair coordinates dates for scheduling with Skate Zone 71.
Spring Cookout

WES PTA provides hotdogs, buns, condiments and ask for community donations for sides and desserts. Held outside on the intermediate playground.

Opportunity for WES parents and staff to reminisce about the year and a way for PTA to say thank you to all!

Volunteers needed:

  • Set up
  • Grilling hot dogs
  • Clean Up

Teacher Appreciation

Monthly have each grade bring in a food on a specific date on the second week of the month, usually Friday.
Pick a theme and ask people to bring stuff in.

October – 6th
November – 5th
December – 4th
January – 3rd
February – 2nd
March – 1 st
April – Kindergarten
May – Teacher Appreciation week


Our school wellness committee is essentially an advisory group concerned with the health and wellbeing of students and staff. We focus is on the needs of students and staff in our school building and implement programs and activities to meet these needs.

Support existing WES programs:

  • Walk-a-Thon Fundraiser (September)
  • R3 Rockin’ Recess Runners (Fall)
  • Fantastic Fun Day (Last day of School in May)

Support the school in developing a healthier school environment:

  • Assist in implementation of Changes in Elementary School Food Practices i.e. Food at School Events & Class Parties. Could include rewards associated with Boxtops, Walk-a-thon, Fantastic Fun Day, etc.
  • Education and find alternatives to Clorox Wipes, whose use has been eliminated by the State of Ohio during the School day.

Plan and implement programs for students and staff:

  • Nutrition education and promotion activities
  • Physical activity opportunities
  • Other School-based activities that promote wellness
    • National Farm to School Month (October)
    • Walk to School Day (October)
    • National Nutrition Month (March)
    • Earth Day (April) – Possible Wellness Week Activities
    • Bike to School Day (May)

Variety Show

The Variety Show is where the kids get to show off their talent on stage! Students in grades K-6 can perform any kind of talent they have such as, singing, dancing, skits, music, comedy, etc. A video of the event is made so you will be able to watch it at home later with family and friends! Variety Show is held early to mid May.

Volunteers needed:

  • Set up
  • Hand out programs
  • Assist kids to seats who are performing
  • Assist kids to stage when it’s their turn to perform
  • Clean Up


Coordinate with the printer/vendor (currently HR imaging) and the school to plan the ordering and distribution of the yearbooks. The majority of this role is photography as pictures are needed from all school events – whether you take them or obtain the pictures from someone who takes the actual pictures.