Committee Members & Chairs Needed!

Have a desire to serve as a Committee Member or Chair?  We need YOU!

If you are interested in helping in one of these areas, please contact a PTA Officer for more info!

For the 2017-18 School Year, we need Committee Members & Chairs for the following Committees:

  • Audit Committee
    • Minimal time commitment to audit the PTA books once a year, in May/ June.  We are required by our bylaws to complete an audit at the conclusion of each school year around July 1.
  • Bylaws Committee
    • Minimal time commitment to review and update our PTA bylaws in the Fall of 2017.  This review only needs to be done once every three years.  Includes review of bylaws and submission for approval to Ohio PTA.
  • Carnival Committee
    • For 3 years, we have had a Carnival in February of each year.  The Carnival has had games that are now run by Cub Scout 365, but PTA is responsible for organizing a Teacher Raffle, Bingo, Cake Walk and Pizza dinner sale.
  • Commuications
    • Communications is such an important part of what we as PTA do, to communicate what’s happening at our school with everyone!  We need someone or several people to help us do that by sending emails thru My School Anywhere, posting to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.  Could also include posting updates to our website (wordpress).
  • Fundraising
    • Our main Fundraiser each year is the Walk-a-thon, however we have provided passive ways to raise funds in the past.  The Walk-a-thon and Book Fair have their own Committee Chairs.  Committee members would be responsible for setting up food fundraisers with local restaurants.  Contact info will be provided.  Past fundraisers have included:  Chipotle, Rusty Bucket, Cookie Dough Creamery, Raising Canes, Piada and Smokin’ T’s Meat Fundraisers.  We are open to new ideas as well!
  • Publishing House
    • The PTA invites each classroom to publish a book during the school year.  This is where the students bring a piece of work that they have completed and we put it in a wallpaper covered cardboard binding.  Publishing is usually done in the cafeteria or classroom and takes around 30 minutes per classroom.
    • Volunteers needed to:
      • Premake wallpaper covered cardboard
      • Help students glue construction paper to the inside front and back covers of their book
      • Tape the students books into the covers
      • Supervise stamping the front inside cover of the book with the “WES Press” stamp
      • Remind kids to choose a new pencil so they can begin writing another story.